Bow a long tie world 
Long ties are an esthetically pleasing safe bet for most men. 
However, those in the know say they have lost their practical purpose...protecting dress shirts! Really? Bibs?
The WSJ reports long ties are considered a health risk since cleaning and disinfecting is rare harmful bacteria collect and multiply on the exposed surface.   
The problem is not as much food, spit or mucus, but fingertips constantly tightening and loosening the slip knot as well as the futile attempts at keeping expensive silk out of harms way!
Bow ties, conversely, utilize a stable double-knot that never gets in the way. Self-tied, right-sized bow ties are not just a fashion option or healthy habit, but a  personal statement of well educated, discerning,  individualists comfortable in his own skin!  
Like Sir Winston Churchill, patron saint of bow ties, members of IBTS are a fast growing lot of audacious non-conformists believing properly sported bow ties are a positive alternative to the impractical, expensive, uncomfortable, unsanitary long ties worn by the conforming masses. We want the whole world to understand how and why!  

Knowing the best ways to acquire, tie, and wear a quality handmade bow tie makes a big difference in displaying self-confidence...especially when you are the only man in the room wearing one! 

The IBTS mission is to leverage the interests of  bow tie wearers and potential wearers to create benefits, value, and friendships amoung thousands of members worldwide. This includes special pricing, selection, availability of quality bow ties purchased online from manufacturers carefully vetted and selected with special pricing offers for IBTS members.

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 (absolutely no selling, sharing, or spamming your contact info- Scouts honor)

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